How to overcome the copywriter’s block?

Being a copywriter, we can never afford to be not enough creative. But, the constant pressure of being imaginative is difficult to bear. Sometimes, we just can’t think anything ‘new’. We run short of ideas despite trying a number of times. So, how to overcome this tiring state? Go through the following suggestions and I’m sure you can!

Procrastinate: Yes! You hear it right!! The over-worked mind does need some time to relax. It is not making those unauthentic excuses. Sometimes, you have to let your mental state be! The solution lies in not expecting any solution. By running away from stress, you rather gather more in your subconscious mind. Boredom is a feeling, feel it until it gets over or else you can avoid feeling bored – well, that would deliver a mediocre level of work. By the way, here is the link to prove my point. Why procrastinate? Because when we are apparently not working, our minds are. The mind is subconsciously thinking about the ideas and ways to complete the work and eventually, it decides to work on the best idea.

Roam around: On a standard basis, your 9:00 to 5:00 job from Monday to Friday, leaves you drained. This routine might keep you underexposed from a number of little yet beautiful things that keep your creative spirit up. Of course, some days are too demanding to shell out even 5 minutes for such ventures but what about the schedule on other days? Go out, talk to the Chaiwala, look at those high-rise buildings that are a few meters away from your office. Doing these irregular things breaks the chain of your stagnant thought process.

Watch: Replenish the creative director in you by watching interesting documentaries, visiting art exhibitions, binge-watching psycho-thrillers, romcoms & dark comedy! Listen to the performance poets, they have a treasure of words & emotions to share with you. And of course, good music is also a remedy to up one’s creative quotient.

So, the next time you experience a copywriter’s block, you know what to do! Right?



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