Relation between rural marketing and phone

The majority of India’s population still resides in rural/semi-rural areas. Besides, the country is the second most populated nation in the world. Hence, it would not be incorrect to say that rural marketing in India is a GREAT PROSPECT for marketers to explore their love for creating breakthrough campaigns. As a matter of fact, India has more mobile phones than toilets. So, if we join the dots, a mobile phone is the interactive touch point for the regarding audience. Following are the details –

#1 End of Call Notification: The people in rural areas are more judicious when it comes to spending the money. Hence, an ideal consumer there is likely to check the ‘deduction of last call’. That is where the brands can intervene and advertise one or two lines inserted in the end of that message.

#2 WhatsApp: Among all the chatting apps, WhatsApp has been able to carve a niche in the hearts of all Indians – be them the citizens of cities or villages. The technology and internet access are limited in rural areas. Therefore, a chatting app is of great worth to the concerning folks. A brand whose Target Audience lies primarily in villages can make a wise use of GIFs, videos and generic messages and market them through WhatsApp.

#3 SMS: One of the oldest modes of digital communication, the SMS medium is likely to be considered in most of the digital marketing plans. Unlike ‘WhatsApp’, the direct entertainment quotient rendered by an SMS is very low. Though it can be the primary touch point to take the user to another level. For example, an SMS can be sent out just to make the user aware of the toll-free number that will further lead them to know and participate in the campaign.

The sole purpose of penning down this blog was to stress the key communication mediums that help in optimizing the digital reach in rural areas. So, gear up to blaze the trail for your next rural campaign.


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