Three ways to extend a brand digitally.

The young digital media has some old ways to mark its online presence and that’s done via accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram blah blah blah! But, now a brand has to be innovative in order to to be appealing and engagement! So, let’s have a look at how to be so in three simple ways –

#1 Recommendation and mention by social media influencers
Well, we have heard about social media influencers. Some are regionally making the noise and some nationally and some even internationally. Some of them are being stalked by fashionistas, some by funny bones and some by fitness-freaks. Which of these influencers can be a spokesperson for your brand? It’s easy to figure out, actually. Let’s say you have a furniture showroom, then a lifestyle blogger or SM influencer can endorse your brand in such a way that their fans/followers indeed register a positive image about your product line. In simpler words, I am talking about influencer marketing. Think about it.

#2 A brand-owned YouTube series silently promoting the brand only
What is this obsession with iPhone? The fact is that we are crazy about it because it has become a status quo. How so? Because probably we got more influenced when most of our ‘ideals’ were flaunting it. Possible. Don’t you think so? There’s a cleverer way of making the audience feel ‘obsessed’ about your brand. For example, take case of the seriously addictive YouTube series ‘BLUSH‘ by Lakme . It doesn’t directly discuss its product line but makes the protagonist use this brand and look jaw-dropping. So, you and I would long to watch the next episode and subconsciously get smitten away by the brand. Smart! Isn’t that?

#3 A microsite by brand that talks about its philosophy
In India, alcohol brands cannot be advertised directly. So how do they reach out to the Target Audience? One phenomenal example was by XYZ alcohol brand. It created a buzz via its brand ambassador. People actively took part in the engagement activity and submitted their short videos mentioning how they have overcome their respective fears! The top winners obviously were awarded by being featured in an ad. The other participants felt gratified as their videos were uploaded on the brand campaign’s microsite. Ultimately, that microsite is still active and keeps engaging audience in many ways. People like you and I visit it to check out those interesting video submissions and elevate our spirit.

Try one of these tricks to market your brand and let me know 🙂


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