What to consider while writing a digital advertising copy?

Lately, my blog posts were stressing the technical aspects of digital copywriting. Yes, the expectations from the copywriter are getting transformed and expanded. But at the same time, what differentiates a copywriter from a typical marketer is their ability to influence the Target Audience (TA) through apt words. And, that will remain our heritage, no matter what. Beautiful verbal and pictorial literature together create a memorable ambiance in the digital space. So, here are three things, I would like to suggest the aspiring digital copywriters –

1. Customers are in a real world so real promises
In the mission to convince the TA, we get so carried away that we often forget we are being overpromising. Customers are in a real world so your ‘Diamonds are forever’ tagline won’t work anymore. If the product features aren’t good enough, try relating to the little yet important aspects of your ideal consumer’s life; their aspirations, usual issues, and what brings them together under one umbrella. That way, the TA will find a connect. At least, the audience will appreciate the persona of the brand you are trying to create. For example, in your ad, you may show how a lady comes back home and forgets all her exhaustion as the spark of her diamond ring falls on her face while she looks into the mirror. Such feelings form the right premise for your thoughts. Create a realistic yet impactful aura. Highlight the little temptations of daily life.

2. Beginning matters the most
As many research pieces claim – a viewer devotes only a few seconds to what you have written. So, begin with something that matters to them the most. For instance, if you are trying to sell shoes that hold a minimal chance of causing shoe-bites, then you may begin with  – “Shoe-Bites?” or “Comfort for your feet.” etc. etc. Then at least, those particularly looking for comfortable footwear are likely to pay attention. There’s no point if you mention the most practically relevant feature in the end.

3. How to create more impact despite using fewer words
Well, the vague example that I gave above included only one USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and that was the comfort. But, what if that footwear looks amazing too? With the limited attention span of customers, you should know how to refine the beginning to grab optimal attention. You could begin with – “Stunning shoes with absolute comfort” or “Shoes with jaw-dropping looks and unusual comfort”. Basically, there’s no harm in being vocal about the virtues of the product if it can rightfully fulfill the given promises.

Hope these tips made sense to you. I learn something new about digital copywriting every day. I also try to share it with you and expect to receive your feedback afterwards 🙂


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