Three concepts in digital that have run out of fashion

Focussing on ‘the new’ is important. Focussing on what has become short of appeal is also important. So, that we don’t confuse the overly-done ideas with the effective ones. For a brand to be able to obtain a fresh image, it can’t imitate being exciting. Then we might consider that conventional forms of digital marketing (like sending away SMS and emailer) aren’t exciting. Of course, they aren’t. They never claimed as well. In this genre, the job is done by identifying and hitting the right demographics and playing well with the copy and design.

SMS(s) and E-mailers are support functions with hardly any digital innovation involved. On the other hand, there were certain campaigns that did well for a couple of years. But, now they can neither be used in the innovative genre nor in the genre of support function of any campaign. At least, marketing experts will agree to it. Such three ideas/concepts are listed below –

1. Promoting a Flash Mob:
 “Mall was as it usually is but then this happened.”
“Find out how XYZ made the ambiance exotic at PQR place!”

No wonder how quirky the headline is! Whichever Facebook status copy we use, there’s nothing that people find exciting about watching a Flash Mob on their timeline. Now a bunch of energetic Zumba-doers isn’t able to revitalize the crowd with a sense of newness. Be it any audience, there’s no defiance in admitting Mob Flash can’t pull off any further. Maybe in the tribal area, it could create a stirring response (only if the Zumba-doers return safely and Tribals have been consuming the FMCG brands).

2. Viral Videos
Videos after videos!! It is an unending process. The value to anything arrives only when it is rarely found. Viral videos are under the process of becoming potentially viral. But since they are so many in number, they create a low-degree punching effect. Moreover, there has been an upsurge in the number of Indian web series, so most of the viral videos are viewed from that point of view. Customers hardly remember the brand significance in the entire story. However, exceptions are always there.

3. Feminism
What best can a brand offer to a blind person? Their visibility. What best can we offer to a patriarchal society? The feminism. But, please excuse, it doesn’t work anymore. All the permutations and combinations would go unnoticed. You support feminism or present its flip side; everything has already been served to the customers, in some way or the other. Using this phenomenon might give considerable result but it surely would deprive the brand of a potential ‘never-seen-before’ identity.

While conducting a brainstorming session, especially for digital media, we must trim away certain things. Then only we can be assured that the eventual ideas are unique to our knowledge. Agree?


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