Three digital marketing trends that are ruling the world now!

The future of advertising is digital. From a close view, I see copywriter’s role getting more diverged and diverse in the coming years. In simple words, I anticipate the industry’s expectations from a digital copywriter growing wider and more versatile. They would be needing to actively take part in strategic communications, innovative digital marketing ideas and even servicing the client. However, writing and ideating would remain their main forte. Since I closely work with account planners, I got a chance to take a sneak peek into their work. Well, below are the three trends I stole from their laptop and pasted below as you can see 😛

1. Influencer Marketing is the thing
From bloggers to YouTubers, social media is overfilled with influencers. Who knows the brand you are working on has a set of Target Audience (TA) that follows one or more of these influencers. Make the best use of your findings. Let’s say you are working on a clothing brand. Then reach out to an extensively followed travel blogger and make them mention your clothing brand. In order to make the endorsement look organic, let them mention it subtly yet wittingly.

2. B2C-B2B App is in and awesome
Digital age is the age of apps. Every other brand we consume has an app. In fact, now one app can entertain both B2B and B2C segments. As a vague example, take all your cab apps. Most of them offer two ‘Sign In’ options, one for the rider (B2C) and another for the driver (B2B). If the brand has already carved a niche in its respective domain, it needs to reinforce its digital presence via an app.

3. Instagram is the new Facebook
In this super-busy world, do not expect the urban Target Audience to read your heavy-duty words. It’s indeed too engrossed in commuting back and forth between home and office, meeting indispensable deadlines, shelling out some time for family and fulfilling ‘N’ number of commitments. So you see, it’s a Herculean task to grab the audience’s attention. That’s why let pictures do their job. That’s why Instagram is the key. A few words, catchy hashtags in a separate line and professionally clicked high-resolution images will do the job.

Hope, these tips did help you to a great length. And do keep using your magnifying glasses on to bring about more such keen observations. I am eager to know.


2 thoughts on “Three digital marketing trends that are ruling the world now!

  1. Thanks for the quick sneak peak into current digital marketing trends. I agree, most of the brand have came with App of their brands by directly interacting with consumer and the last Instagram which can be a game changer today .


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