How can simplicity help us ideate?

The taste of people has turned upside down in the last few years. Thanks to the social media and digitalization, things go viral at an unimaginable speed. So, trends and culture don’t take even seconds to reach your smartphone screens. In fact, it is this undisturbed and unchained flow of communication that has imbibed certain habits in all of us. A few of the vague examples are taking selfies, making weekend time synonymous with hitting a bar, avoiding sugar religiously, attending the gym regularly, updating our whereabout on Facebook etc. In a way, we all have become a victim of popular culture. That’s one thing.

Another thing is the nostalgia. Those who have lived the 90s, miss that decade. Those who haven’t also find the era intriguing. So, now comes the time to blend the contemporary popular culture with the 90s nostalgia and make a memorable mocktail. The 90s were all about mushy cheesy feelings, king-size fantasies, spectacular aesthetics and painfully incredulous romance. Contemporary taste is influenced by the tech savvy generation. Ideally, your mocktail must contain the sublimity and simplicity of 90s and the technology of today’s world. By the way, how can this unique experiment help you ideate better as a copywriter? Well, read below.

Yes, we cannot go 20 years back and live that time. It’s ok. We can always carry its essence with us. Direct the designer to leave a lot of breathing space in their creative. Use fonts that do not look as advanced and unfamiliar as if they belong to the year 2050. Keep them understandable and pleasant in looks. Better refrain from using those highly photoshopped ‘flawless’ images. Use faces that may not be the prettiest but carry a person-next-door appeal. If we notice, actors in Hindi Film Industry weren’t much of a fitness freak two decades ago. However, the glamor world seemed to have evolved now.  So, that’s the reason behind choosing realistically good images over unbelievably awesome ones. Besides, if there’s an ad film to be made, may we keep the music melodious and basic, have interiors with a home-like appeal and avoid having any corporate touch, if possible?

The same applies to the diction. Please the audience with a language that’s soft, balanced, emotion-driven and not goal-centric. Use phrases which talk of personal comfort like holding a warm cup of coffee. Talk about the things which make us intimate with our inner selves rather than the obvious things which largely occupy our ego-driven imagination. What’s obvious and apparent can never hold attention. What’s hidden yet organic can!

Advertising is a lot about psychology. The above-mentioned suggestions are based on the preference of homeliness over commercialization, rusticity over ‘sophistication’, typical trends over the contemporary ones. Basically, we are constrained by the status quo of commercialization, sophistication, and contemporary trends. And, we continue to be haunted by them. But in between these high-pressure situations, if we happen to encounter an ad that’s simple and not complicated and demanding like the societal expectations, then it’s a relief. A big sigh.

The quality is always depending on the ingredients. Stay updated with the digital technologies and make their best use to reach the largest of the masses. But yes, at the same time, I would advise you to never forget adding a bit of nostalgia and retro touch to your creative.  


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