What are the pre-requisites for creating an interesting Facebook Page?

Digitalization is at its peak. But, it’s not gonna stop there. Every BIG brand contains a well-groomed Facebook page these days. This social media platform broadens the scope of voicing out the Brand’s persona and creating a wider range of communication. As the Target Audience is free to vent its grudges against the brand as well as praise it for its quality, there’s a considerable level of transparency. But, what are the pre-requisites that play a fundamental role in improving the page’s quality? Let’s have a look –

1. Apologize, Apologize, and Apologize
I just went through the Facebook page of a brand that’s pretty renowned in the country. There was no response to a number of customer grievances addressed in the ‘comment’ section of FB. It surely gives an ‘irresponsible’ impression about the brand. Yes, most of the brands related to the service sector receive such a heavy number of complaints. Of course, they need to improvise the services too. But, by not humbly apologizing to the existing customers, the brand has lost the ‘already slim’ chances of retaining their faith in the brand. That’s why reply to all such comments and apologize. In short, you need an active Online Reputation Management (ORM) consultant.

2. Basics of copy hygiene and social media language
No audience likes to read a copy that’s bombarded with Hashtags. Otherwise, you may keep as many of them as possible but do not interject them in between the copy. Place the hashtags in a separate row. Keep a space between the main copy and the hashtags. It’s advisable to use crisp words with relatively fewer number of syllables. We are not writing an academic proposal. That’s why the language could be made more conversational by asking questions, using short phrases and limiting the copy to less than 80 words.

3. Pictures do matter
A picture is worth a thousand words. True. A human mind typically responds to visuals first and then it follows the words. The usage of the high-resolution image is a must. A series of animated pics could be used for a series of posts on the timeline. As a fact of matter, it’s even better if the images seem to have originated from the same school of thought. It could be ensured by using the same font, the consistent color-set and the image copy based on the corresponding lines of thought.

4. Weekly plan – ignore you must not
Thankfully, a week contains seven days. In a way, there are seven ideas that you can communicate every week. Ideally, they may include relevant quotes, discussing the brand, asking questions, knowledge dissemination, contests, quizzes, emotional posts and what not! It is up to you to decide what goes for your brand and what doesn’t. When each day of the week has a unique content to offer on a consistent basis, the page looks well-versed and entertaining. The weekly pattern gives an understandable and a clutter-breaking identity to your brand.

Hope, what I discussed today is of good use to you. All the best!


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