How the evolved taste of Target Audience can give you the right direction?

The beauty of thematic restaurants lies in being served regional delicacies, sitting on floors and eating with hands. It’s an exotic experience. However, ten years ago, it was all about brand.

It was probably the climax of globalization in the country that shadowed our own cultural heritage. What mattered at that time was Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos and other world-renowned names.

What changed?
Thankfully, time changed. A significant number of people in the urban India rose above brand consciousness. They started preferring the indeed exotic things. The wave of foreign brands that washed away our love for nostalgia settled down. At that time, the entrepreneurs who could catch this rising transformation are now the top market players. What made them so? Well, the businessman’s brainchild blended with the strategic creativity of an advertiser. Every owner wants their product to possess an individual identity. Well, let’s be frank. Every owner wants their product to have a distinctively emotional USP. But at times, they face constraints as audience lacks that taste.

A fortune for the copywriters as well as innovative entrepreneurs
Any aspirant could feel like venturing into an area that not only brings them a profit but also a personal satisfaction; a satisfaction that’s related to their values, integrity, and faith. But that did not seem possible in the brand conscious society about ten years ago. However, now there are many products which revolve around nostalgia and cultural heritage. A popular drink brand named Paper Boat gained an unnatural momentum in the last 2-3 years. Its extreme flavors are all about the traditional drinks consumed by Indians in relatively older times. In fact, from the Facebook page to packaging, everything about this product stands out. This scope of creativity was not of any practical worth in the early 2000s.

Make the best of this situation
From herd-followers to heart-followers, the taste of Indian public has changed for better. The urban audience is damn busy in fulfilling its corpora-ish responsibilities. It needs a sigh of relief that may be offered by the quality and identity of your products. So, now is the bang on time to create a unique emotional identity around the relevant brand, to make use of the traditional setup, and last but not the least, to follow what you believe in.


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