What’s stopping us the copywriters from carrying on with the creative legacy?

There are more than one billion websites on Google. Each website, on an average, has 4-5 pages. Can you imagine the limitless pool of content available there! On the other hand, only a few of the billion websites are able to create a buzz and a decent readership. How? Because they are armed with quality copies, apt designs, and logical structure. As discussed in the previous blog post, a copywriter’s job is far beyond penning down the paras. Yes, if the website is taken as a brand and brand as an individual then the copywriter has to personify that individual! However, due to lack of coordination between them and designer, it is seldom possible to create a clutter-breaking website.

But exceptions are always there. There are advertisers who take their own sweet time to deliver the work. So, are we the copywriters losing the very meaning and essence of this profession? Have our copies been reduced to content? Has the twist of the copy been diluted in the business of work pressure? What can we do to make each piece of our work distinct and appealing? Below is the answer –

Ditch desktop. Let pen flirt with paper.
Some great ideas come to mind when you have a pen in hand. The white paper stares at you so that it can be filled with some wit, humor, kindness, twist and emotion. That’s what we look for. ‘A fan at the cheapest price’ is the deal. But an advertiser’s role becomes indispensable as they communicate this deal in the most engaging manner possible. Writing with the pen is a relieving act. It gives a break from the regular activity of typing. It is more personalized and it was used by our old yet legendary copywriters whom we look up to. Don’t we?

Escape the cabin, there’s life outside.
Sometimes, our mind is unknowingly distracted by the colleagues moving here and there, little murmuring, office boy’s service, ringtones, closing and opening of doors and what not! Invade a spot that you can own for quite some time. Think there and think endlessly till you keep rejecting your own ideas. Well, that spot could vary from corridor, balcony to vacated cabin and nearby cafe. There you find your ‘Most Creative Avatar’ with pen and paper in hand.

There’s a deeper insight waiting outside your laptop.
Observation and curiosity are the traits that a copywriter must possess. Yes, no research-fanatic is denying collecting the rags of clues from online media and stitching them together to draw an inference. Be a tailor by all means. But, for a change, talk to 10-20 audiences as well. Sometimes, the real feedback is more insightful and intriguing than the one obtained from online media.

Have you read The Copy Book? Each and every ad mentioned in it has a twist and personality. Can we let those legendary days fade away? No. Never. May my tips help you in carrying forward the legacy of those golden advertising days.


One thought on “What’s stopping us the copywriters from carrying on with the creative legacy?

  1. Thank you soo much for your insightful write-up,its really helpful. S nce I am a young upcoming writer and copywriter I hope to learn a lot from you.
    Ones again thank you


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