Campaign effectiveness. How about the digital creatives!

Running a campaign is like gambling. But we can reduce the risk by following certain rules. Every year, Bollywood produces the most number of films because most of them comfortably recover the cost of making. But how does it work when it comes to campaigns? Well, it’s indeed viable to secure a certain threshold in terms of response from Target Audience even for your campaigns. Going by the experience of a copywriter, I would like to share some lessons that should help you in optimizing their results.

1. Where’s the action!
The USP of digital is its speed and action. Always remember – your TA’s Facebook timeline is bombarded with posts. So, it is not conditioned to respond to your brand creatives unless it finds a reason to. Words and images play an imperative role in stimulating any individual’s mind. The Facebook posts you have designed should be engaging and energizing.

a) How to engage: Ask a relevant question (if possible, keep the question personal and non-commercial). Say you own a ladies clothing brand, ask the ladies if they have ever pulled off an ethnic wear during an office meeting! Other ways of engaging potential customers are creating contests or the socially responsible campaigns.

b) How to energize: To make your brand reach new heights, you need to understand it, structure it and create its aura in such a way that the audience is compelled to embrace your brand. Use only certain colors and some picky fonts which are in sync with each other and also with the brand persona.

2. Has the brand personality gone for a toss?
It has been repeatedly mentioned in my blog posts that a brand is no less than an individual. Just like we admire or reprimand certain people for their taste of dressing or behavior, the same applies to the brand. Otherwise, it will resemble a passerby whom we can’t keep in account of. Well, it’s pretty simple to make the creatives memorable. Apart from the usage of certain colors and fonts, placement of the logo and footer should remain consistent. Similarly, there has to be a strategic and pre-planned tonality it comes to choosing the words and lingo. In short, be very uniform with the tone of voice.

3. Hygiene of the creatives
It’s advisable to mention the prime information only. A creative post should have alluring images so that the TA is further subconsciously pushed to read what’s written. And definitely, what’s written on the creative shouldn’t be too much in volume. For the status copy, keep the hashtags in a separate line below. Better use the hashtags again (in a separate row downwards). The lingo needs to be crisp and colloquial in language. The example of an ideal status copy is –

Check out this Outfit Of The Week. Black and White could be jazzy you know!

#SurrealOutfitOfTheWeek #Surreal

 If your upcoming campaign is gonna consider all the above-mentioned suggestions, be very sure of its success 🙂


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