What else does a Copywriter do apart from writing?

It’s not a rare incidence when I introduce myself as a copywriter and the misinformed person replies, “Yeah, there are content writers in my organization too.” A content writer’s role is to write general content which doesn’t require plenty of conscious mental effort. On the other hand, copywriters are the face behind those mass-reaching ad campaigns. They produce the brainchild upon which the designers, art directors, ad film directors and management professionals work. So, what else does a Copywriter do apart from writing?

Generating the advertising strategies: The upcoming ad has to capture the eyeballs. The given pitch has to be won. Therefore, the copywriter has to bring that out, the BIG IDEA. Yes, a writer’s role in advertising is beyond writing. They are the original source of almost all great ad films or campaigns. Sometimes, the idea strikes our mind while observing a conversation between two elderly people or brushing our teeth. The mind of a copywriter never stops working because an ordinary thing could source an outstanding idea. PS: The mind  may not work while we are asleep 🙂

Meeting Clients: An effective copywriter is somebody who doesn’t get carried away with emotions. Rather comparative study of rival brand campaigns, research and logic makes them come to a certain creative idea. Now that ‘Creative Idea’ may sound absurd or incompetent to the client, but that is when the copywriter’s oral persuasive power comes into play. They need to communicate the utility of this idea by mentioning facts, logic and of course, the potential to emotionally connect with the audience.

The trial and error: Overconfidence may ruin your career. But nobody allows a copywriter to be overconfident – so stay assured. Just when they are all set to receive a nod from their team members, the latter side gives them a reality check. They question the idea, better it with its feedback and sometimes, scrap it from scratch. In such a case, a copywriter must choose to take the feedback positively. The team members respond to the idea from a consumer’s point of view. Where else will we the writers, have such an honest reality check?

So, you see there are many things that a Copywriter does.


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