Is your audience able to understand you?

Overconfidence is the reason behind many stagnant projects.

“I am writing perfectly.”
“My language can’t go wrong.”
“I write with such zeal that my reader has to find my copy engaging.”
“I use such fancy words, customers will find my product elegant.”

Please allow me to answer these thoughts with the best of my knowledge and experience. At any point, if you happen to have an issue/confusion with the following tips, feel absolutely free to contact me or counter my views. Is your audience able to understand you?

“I am writing perfectly.”
A flawless write-up is an outcome of working persistently in several areas. Those areas are – sentence construction, the strategic thought behind the article, diction, tone of voice, and of course, grammar. The best way to keep improving is to assume that we do not know a thing. The moment we assume “we know this”, we subconsciously block the doors to learning the yet-to-be-learned stuff. So, be skeptical about your writing. The more we doubt, the more we improve. We aren’t perfect yet because the room for improvement is always open.

“My language can’t go wrong.”
Entertainment is a key part of the Branding. And, whatever we pen down to promote and define the product, that automatically becomes the part of Branding too. Our words have the power to monitor the product’s image to a great length. We should look forward to making the most efficient and well-comprehended use of this ‘power’ of words. For example, if you are trying to be witty via your language and words, make sure the game of wit doesn’t turn into the game of imitation. Your brand is one of its kind. Research thoroughly before coming to the conclusion of what you want to convey.

“I write with such zeal that my reader has to find it engaging.”
It’s very much possible that we get carried away with our words. Rather than being governed by a strategic and to-the-point thinking, we might be under the influence of an overambitious and over-assured psyche. Do not be emotional, be logical while you compose your thoughts. It doesn’t sound very ethical, but copywriting is an art of exploiting human emotions. Yes, you can be in that musical mood while you write. But it’s because you know that music is the key to promoting your brand’s summer collection. The days are scorching and nights restless. Some jingle may cool down the hot-headed minds of your Target Audience.

P.S: I was referring to the Delhi Summers.

“I use such fancy words, customers will find my product elegant.”
Well, I come across such kind of writers on a regular basis. But, ask yourself a question, “Are people really interested in my vocabulary?” You know the answer already. Firstly, a good campaigner is supposed to research the behaviour of Target Audience (TA) thoroughly and then spot the right emotion/tactic that can move it or affect it. Once our write-up has been impactful enough to move or affect the psyche of the TA, our job is done. Using fancy words to inspire potential buyers has become too old school to follow. Of course, a high-end luxury brand needs to follow quite a refined sense of language but at the same time, this language shouldn’t have too many ‘unknown’ words. There is a very thin line between being silver-tongued and over-expressive/under-expressive.

When I started writing this post, I had a structure in mind. You know how did I recognize that structure? By looking back and figuring out the reason behind my amateur writing years ago. These overpowering thoughts (mentioned in the very beginning and answered latterly) would engulf my mind. Be true to yourself. As discussed, we still do not know a thing 🙂


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