Writing wittingly isn’t a cakewalk; especially when you do not know these –


#1 It’s more than about customer’s benefits: Yeah, an entrepreneur designs their product in such a way that the buyer finds it lucrative. But, there are many ways to put your brand’s features on padestal. I mean what is the requirement of an advertiser if it’s all about discussing the product in a mundane manner! An anti-septic soap brand can’t be liked by the consumers if its ad says, ” Buy me, I kill germs”. You need to think beyond its functionality.

#2 Show them they are smart: In a cold drink commercial, two guys ask out a pretty girl, one for a rock show and other for some sports event. Then enters the hero and remarks, “How can she go to so many places alone? Let me accompany her.” The girl agrees. Moral of the story – both the protagonist and the girl are smart enough to make wise choices. Similarly, there are countless ways in which you can humorously present two or more choices and elevate the self-esteem of your potential buyer by making them feel smart. He is very likely to appreciate your brand then.

#3 If you are direct then be a bit rude too: Which ad would you remember – the one that silently featured and disappeared or the one that evoked a response? I know my readers are smart so they would prefer the latter (see, I just used my wit). In one of the emailers, sent by an international environmental NGO, guess what they mentioned in the end? Well, it was something like – “If you do not care about the mother nature and can see earth dying, click ‘Unsubscribe below and we won’t ever bother you again”. Wasn’t it too direct and intelligent?

So, now is the time to sit with a cup of coffee and think insightfully about how can your language be witty and selling!


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