Ohh! Did you research thoroughly before writing?

Of all the legendary copywriters, I have mentioned in my blog posts, none denied the fact that a thorough research is the key to writing a great copy. Many of us tend to overlook one or more aspects of this ‘Herculean’ task of researching. Ohh! Did you research in depth before writing?

Step #1 Main definition of the product
Suppose, you have been given to write on a soap brand. Let’s say its price is neither very low nor high. The brand is semi-herbal meaning it uses some herbs (apart from chemicals) as ingredients. It’s a regular product. Then streamline the process of defining the product in one line – the herbal soap brand for general use by middle-class consumers. So, we summarized the definition of this product be examining its cost, quality, and nature.

Step#2 Identify the rivals
Now that it’s been more than two decades of liberalization, globalization and privatization of Indian market, the competition couldn’t have been higher. Of course, there are more than a couple of names that come to the mind of your target audience while buying a soap cake in a similar category. Find out those brand names as they are the rivals of the soap brand you are writing for. The answer may vary from person to person. So, go with the answer that is stood by the majority.

Step#3 Study the rivals with a magnifying class
The medium of advertising, nature and undertone of verbal content, colors, kind of visuals, usage of space, market shares – know what all you can possibly know about the competing brands. There is a secret that sells them. For instance, the grand success of the brand ‘Himalayas’ is attributed to the old grandma we see in its ad. When she appreciated the quality of Himalayas, we ended up buying this brand too. We subconsciously relate the her to experience and indigenous reliability.

Step #5 Weigh both the sides
Now that we have analyzed our competitors and our own product, it’s easier to position our brand effectively. We can simplify the entire picture and build the brand-positioning based on the following –

* Strength and weakness of your brand
* Strength and weakness of competing brands
* How your brand can outshine its opponents considering the above two factors?

The relevance of writing on this topic, lies in the fact that you just don’t have to bring out the brand’s best potential, you also have to outrun its fellow rivals.


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