How to modify the same content for different social media platforms

Of course, we are observant enough realize that different social media platforms have different personalities. And, different personalities never speak the same language.

How to modify the same content for different social media platforms 

Facebook : If there’s anything most important after oxygen, then that’s Facebook. You check your account almost daily. Don’t you? Be a bit informal, be emotional. Crop the post and don’t exceed 80 words. Talk about what’s trending and you are through!

LinkedIN: Finally something for those who love long copies. It is an ultra-professional network. So, long posts imply that you have ample amount of knowledge about your field. Oops! Don’t forget to structure your article to further please the prospective reader.

Pinterest: The picture-based media is complemented with words. Catchy words and witty phrases are a must. At the same time, you cannot be very brief because then reader ignores the text believing that it lacks details. 300 characters is the ideal length.

Twitter: The tweets posted with a picture are more likely to be read. Don’t make your tweet a collage of Hashtags. You got only 140 characters. Be an advertising copywriter in framing the tweet. Make the tweet full of surprise, if possible. I mean add a twist.

Google+: Headline is crucial, an interesting headline compels the reader to read the body copy. Again, your blog post on Google+ can be detailed and lengthy. So you should also make it appear sorted and organized by using bullet points, sub-headings, an engaging start and a proper ending.

Instagram: No words sometimes describe the picture best. Usually, short phrases appear light and give a sublime angle to the post. Hashtags make the text appear commercial so we may use them a little below that phrase.  For Insta, the language of millennials works. social-1206603_1280

YouTube: YouTube matters as it has visuals, motion, and words. Use a language that’s perfect for a one-on-one conversation. It creates a longlasting impact. For bringing in more clarity, you may use pie charts and data to make the video instantaneously effective.

Hope this post provided you a quick walkthrough about how different the nature of each medium’s content is! The same subject matter can be utilized with certain ramifications in each case.


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