Three Golden Rules of Copywriting by Jim Durfee

Well, according to this legendary advertising copywriter, there are no rules in copywriting. Paradoxically, it is so difficult to become an impressive one.

However, I have tried to simplify this job. Since I read one of his interviews, I would also love to share his top three tricks to pen down a striking copy –

1. Every word is significant, it should be worth giving space to
Presume that each and every word you write is of an immense importance. In fact, it’s no presumption but the truth. When anyway you have to write, why to add words that do not add that punch and spontaneity in your copy.

2. Keep it short and utterly simple
The flowery language might work in the Shakespearean Period. But now is the advanced time of keeping the approach straightforward and unique. Use as few adjectives as can be. Better go for basic words and short sentences. A copy, after all, should not terrify the not-so-avid readers by its complexity or too many details.

3. And, finally the embarrassment test
Yes. You will have to face it -the embarrassment (if your copy doesn’t hold that stimulation). Read it. Read it aloud in front of your family members or dear friends to see their faces after you complete. Are their faces not amazed after you finished reading that copy? Well, then it’s time to rework it!


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