A strong push felt subtly – Simon Dicketts

Advertisement is an art of persuasion. But, only a few have the way to portray this persuasion in a seemingly organic way. You may also think that writing ad for a product with several advantageous features, deserves less thought. NO! If you put your strategy like this, it’s hard to predict a game-changer point in your career soon.

Simon Dicketts. Does he even need an introduction? While going through his work, I observed that his verbal conviction is so subtle yet it created an impact. You cannot outrightly talk about buying the product. But you can talk about buying another product with somewhat less effective or opposite features. And, the repercussions of that rival brand will follow. You cannot talk about living in a ‘certain township’. But you can bring up the issues that are likely to occur after a ‘certain township’.

Addressing in this canny manner will not just catch attention but also help the brand in not appearing as if it is blowing its own trumpets.


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