Dig the details – Tony Brignull

Experience is more treasured than knowledge as the former is a tested knowledge itself. Being in the profession of copywriting for more than 35 years, Tony Brignull’s experience is also something that any budding copywriter should take a refuge into to grow as a professional. 

While reading his interview and getting awe-inspired by his advertisements, I also noticed something quite different about him. Well, a copywriter with a zeal to explore diverse communities and places is a reward in disguise. Tony Brignull also conducted an extensive research for finalizing the most appropriate tone of voice. He travelled to places, spoke to different people, keenly noticed their diction, preferences, hesitations, and taste. And, it subconsciously allowed him to hit the public’s right nerve.

He clearly admits that without largely familiarizing himself with the army community, he couldn’t have crafted such a persuasive copy for the recruitment of army officers. Without having spoken to the aged employees of Dunn & Co., he couldn’t have identified how they addressed each other 20 years ago!

So, traveling and talking become an authentic excuse when you really want to become an exemplary copywriter. Doesn’t it?


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