A neat copy for notable attention

“Questions with black pen,
Answers with blue,
But title with green.”
This is what our history teacher taught us when I was in ninth grade. She annoyed us, but learning answers became doubly easy during the exams. That’s the relevance of an organized copy.

When I write blogs, they are always written in points. But, prior to that, I divide the blog into sections in the following sequence –
Current scenario
Possible disadvantages

However, segmenting the content depends on the topic as well. So there’s no hard and fast rule. Each paragraph is introduced with a catchy heading. These little features would inevitably make your write-up more appealing to the reader. After all, you don’t have to jot down a boring and lengthy thesis. You want a clutter-free article that is neatly written.

For reference, read http://chowki2go.com/saucy-salsa-with-samosa/


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