How to form a one-liner/tagline?

Subject – One-liners for one of the most notable and globally recognized institutions offering specialized bachelor courses.

Time given – 40 minutes

Word limit – Not exceeding 7 words

Lines formed –
1.What after school?
Absorb.Apply. Astonish!

2.Finished with School?
Start with specialization.

3.The E’s after school,
Explore.Examine. Excel.

Of which, the last two were approved. And finally, the no. 2 was selected because it communicates the message very clearly. It includes the term ‘school’ to immediately address those who are looking for the bright career after school. It gives a practical reason to go for the subject. Secondly, there is a kind of verbal symmetry. Both the lines have 3 words each, and the middle word is ‘with’. Also, consider the oxymoron in disguise – the first sentence begins with ‘Finished’ while the second with ‘starts’.

So, there are many tricks to form a catchy one-liner/tagline but, at times, they are explored when it’s too late.


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