Write it the John Bevin’s way!

Words have the power to create a brilliant visual effect or positively astounding reaction. After all, a copywriter is a warrior with an armour of words.

He is Australia’s one of the most influential copywriters. He is inducted in the Adnews Hall of Fame. It is so because the world-acclaimed copywriter John Bevins always –

1. Enjoys writing – Do you think a write-up can ever be attractive if one writes it listlessly?
2. Believes there’s no hard and fast rule – It largely depends on the subject about which one has to write. You can begin writing instantly or take hours thinkingof that.

3. Takes readers as a priority – It’s good that you like your ideas but even better when you are sure that the readers are gonna like them too.
4. Differentiates between product and brand advertising – The former is about giving an impressive brief about the product, but the latter involves a sense of empathy with the customers.
5. Writes when the mood allows – Your mind and words should be in sync with each other to bring out the best of your work


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